Fair dispute resolution

All buyer and seller disputes within escrow transactions are dealt with in the fairest way possible by moving customers through a four tiered resolution process with the ultimate objective being a positive outcome.

Settle problems without lifting a finger

Sometimes transactions don't work out so either party can raise and respond to a dispute, simply and easily.

Ease of use

When things don’t go as planned, your users can raise a dispute, taking them through a process managed by PromisePay until a resolution is reached.

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A four stage process

Designed for a positive outcome

Our Dispute Resolution specialists have designed the dispute process to consistently provide a fair conclusion that both parties can agree on and are satisfied with, shining a positive light on your brand and reputation.

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Fair and unbiased

Only for PromisePay Escrow

A dispute can only be raised and resolved during an Escrow transaction and only while the funds are held securely in our escrow custodian account.

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