Supporting for your support team

Our Customer Success team will be with you every step of the way with onboarding your support team, large transaction concierge assistance, and a help center rich with content and constantly updated.

By your side along the way

Your support team will have a variety of tools and specialists to help manage transactions.

Onboarding for success

Understanding and getting to know a new payments product can be challenging, so our Integration and Customer Success teams will be with you by your side.

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Feature Image

Home base for your support team

FAQ knowledge library

Our FAQ database covers off all the questions your support team will likely be asked before, during and after the transaction process so they can answer quickly and knowledgably.

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Quick help and problem solving

Large transaction concierge assistance

For large transaction sizes over US$50,000, PromisePay can help guide your support team through the payment process and ensure the transaction goes through smoothly and without friction.

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