September 10, 2015

PromisePay provides fully managed payment systems to online marketplaces and platforms. Our purpose is to power payments and build trust within the sharing, on-demand, and collaborative economies driving web culture.

That said, we think it’s about time to kick start the PromisePay blog.

Our Intentions with This Blog

We hope that our blog becomes a useful resource for online marketplaces and platforms the world over. By understanding the unique challenges that the ‘economies’ face, we aim to build a knowledge bank for young and established platforms alike.

Our amazing staff are well-placed to do this. Everyone from our developers to our leadership team will be involved, each offering their unique perspectives on the sharing economy. Also, we’ll be lining up powerhouse guest contributors to add some color to each month. Some of these fantastic collaborators will be announced soon so keep an eye out or simply subscribe to our blog roll.

Additionally, from time to time we’ll blog about PromisePay news as we continue to develop and grow as a business. This might be things like product features or company updates.

Thanks for taking the time to read our first post.

We’re looking forward to keeping the conversation going and delivering great, useful and inspiring content that enriches and inspires us all.