Streamlined user experience

Seamlessly integrate payments into your user experience and keep customers onsite with a choice of a fully 'white-labeled' or 'Powered by PromisePay', styled to align with your brand.

Seamless customer experience

Your customers will glide through your workflow and payment experience without any disruptions.

No third party redirects

Your buyers and sellers will stay on your site to carry out all transactions between each other simply and seamlessly without the need to venture offsite.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Restyle the Status Widget

Customise the Payment Modal

Give your customers brand reassurance by adding your logo to the Payment Modal, and decide whether to keep, delete or edit the ‘Secure payments by PromisePay’ stamp.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Use the API to take complete control

White labelled or 'Powered by'?

Decide how much of the PromisePay brand you want to expose your customers to by choosing either a fully ‘white labeled’ or ‘Powered by PromisePay’ model.

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